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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE profumi in vetro di Murano di Venezia

YEAR 1400

The Venetian perfumery art

A period of great splendor begins for the Venetian Perfuming Art which, through the countless imported raw materials, becomes the main mastery for the city. The Corporations of the Saoneri and Muschieri are born that transform the craftsmanship linked to cosmetics into a real art.

YEAR 1500

Perfumes and cosmetics

There are numerous texts that the Venetian publishing of the sixteenth century dedicates to recipe books and treatises that reveal the "secrets" of the Perfuming Art and promise beauty, charm, but also healthy effects. Among the various publications, the most important is the Notandissimi Secreti dell'Arte Perfumatoria, published in Venice in 1555 and containing 300 recipes, from the art of dyeing hair to that of perfuming the body, the house, linen and to cover the smell of tanning from leather accessories.

YEAR 1600

Venetian Saoneri and perfumers

The Venetian masters are called in the European courts and in particular in France to practice their art as real artists. In Venice the shops find a lot of success by exhibiting a great variety of waters and perfumed pastas to satisfy the most demanding requests. There are 400 hairdressers and barbers who work in the city alone, testifying to the attention of Venetians for personal care.

YEAR 2011

The Vidal family

The desire of the Vidal family was born to create a cultural project capable of linking the family perfume tradition with the Venetian cultural heritage and the history of the perfumery art of the city.

YEAR 2013

The Merchant of Venice - The cultural project

The Merchant of Venice is born, an ambitious project with a dual soul, commercial and cultural, inspired by the history of the ancient Mude, Venetian merchant routes. Thanks to the collaboration with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, the reopening of Palazzo Mocenigo is signed, formerly the seat of the Study Center for the History of Venetian Textiles and Costume, within which eight new rooms dedicated to the history of Venetian Perfumery Art are opened. .

YEAR 2014

The Merchant of Venice - The Brand

The Murano Collection is released on the market, the first selection of Eau De Parfum accompanied by a series of collateral products of the highest level. In the same year the first Flagship Store was opened in an old 1600 pharmacy in Campo San Fantin. "The Merchant of Venice" wins the "CULTURE + IMPRESA 2014" award.

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