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"We are convinced that what is good for us is good for our skin"

Developing new products I discovered that tea is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics for its antioxidant power, so I started studying this miraculous plant.
One day, talking to a team of extraordinary cosmetologists, we tried to replace water with tea infusion in a formula.
The difference is substantial because water in a cosmetic is used as a solvent and has no functionality while tea is rich in active ingredients: antioxidant catechins, minerals and vitamins.

This means making the formula 100% active.

We are convinced that what is good for us is good for our skin and with Teaology we give the skin an extra dose of antioxidant nutrients.
I see the results every day on my skin: no more pimples, inflammation or redness and the skin is so smooth and radiant that I can do without makeup.
If you like Teaology let us know what you think, I hope you will love it as we do and thank you for being part of our Tea Lovers community.

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