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SILIUM trattamenti professionali per capelli


In all the permanent colors, SILIUM uses two patented complexes that allow not to stress hair and skin while applying the color.
Complex 1 (trade name ALPHASHIELD): compound of natural origin capable of buffering the alkalinity of the dye making it perfectly tolerable by our skin.
Complex 2 (SHRAS): natural compound that transforms some derivatives of the active ingredients into moisturizing and strengthening components for the hair, increasing its resistance up to over 38%.



At our service: CEREALS, sources of proteins, THERMAL WATER, purifies, ARGAN, moisturizes and gives brightness, JOJOBA, all-round panacea, RICE MICROPROTEINS, moisturize and nourish, TURMERIC, stimulates healthy hair growth, WALNUT HULL, nourishes and gives brightness, CASSIA OBOVATA, gives brightness and softness, ESSENTIAL OILS (Hippo-chestnut, Eucalyptus, Sage, Lemon, Thyme, Arnica) maintain the balance of the hair, making it strong and healthy.

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