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logo diego dalla palma trattamento cosmetico e make up

Diego dalla Palma Milano is a historic Italian brand known for its expertise in make-up, skincare and hair care, which has allowed the iconic brand to create an all-round beauty reality renowned for the high professionalism and performance of its its products.

Diego dalla Palma Milano offers a wide range of products for self-care at 360 °, designed and tested in the laboratory for top-level performance. The skincare line features different types of items, suitable for all skin types, from the youngest to the most mature; the haircare segment is designed for the treatment of all types of hair, curly, straight, short, long, dry or oily; the make-up proposals fully follow the company's philosophy: to enhance every woman, give each of them the opportunity to express themselves through a make-up that is always different from professional performance but accessible to all.

Diego dalla Palma Milano's values have always been elegance, creativity and the pursuit of beauty in every woman. A unique, singular beauty, not tied to the impositions of the dominant aesthetic. This is exactly what Diego dalla Palma Milano has always wanted to do: to help every woman find her own personal beauty, enhancing it with self-care products that are democratic, within everyone's reach, and that are in step with innovations in cosmetic field, to give every woman the best professional performances.

These are the elements that characterize the research of Diego dalla Palma Milano, a brand that wants to speak to all women in the world, making professional beauty and makeup artist products accessible to anyone. A brand that offers luxury products and quality for everyone, with a very high positioning but within the reach of every woman, because each deserves to enhance their beauty with Diego dalla Palma Milano.

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